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SMC Rework Cartridge, Hoof, 3.3 mm X 17 mm LG, 60°, 500 Series
$ 61.90

Standard Lead Time:10 days

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CVC-, SMC- Solder Tip Cartridges are the standard soldering tip range for the Metcal CV-5200, CV-500, MX-500, MX-5200 and MX-5200 series soldering systems. All cartridges are available in 4 temperature ranges, 600-series nominally 330 ˚C, 700-series nominally 390 ˚C, 800-series nominally 440 ˚C and 900-series nominally 470 ˚C.  The temperature/series is designated by the first digit following the dash in the part number. e.g. 600 will all be CVC-/SMC-0xx, 700-series will be CVC-/SMC-7xx, 800-series will be CVC-/SMC-8xx and 900-series will be CVC-/SMC-9xx. Metcal recommends the 700-series for the majority of applications. The 600-series for light load or low temperature applications, 800/900-series for high temperature and thermally demanding applications. Can be used with leaded and lead-free solder. The Metcal "SmartHeat®-Technology" automatically adjusts power levels during each soldering operation.

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