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Benchtop Smoke Absorber, Carbon Filter, 230V, Line, 10 pack

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The MSA-35L Smoke Absorber is a safe, space-saving, and efficient way to remove smoke and fumes created while hand soldering. Harmful fumes are drawn into the unit and absorbed by the activated carbon filter.

The unit can be used in two positions: vertically (standing up), or horizontally (laying down). When used in the horizontal position (laying down), the unit’s airflow and effectiveness are increased. ESD Safe. A useful, convenient, and safe workstation solution.
Absorption Capacity Vertical Position:0,9 m3/min (32 cfm)
Absorption Capacity Horizontal Position:0,45 m3/min (16 cfm)
Input Voltage:220 VAC
Input Frequency:50 Hz
Noise Level:< 51 dBA
Dimensions (W x D x H):186 x 111 x 217 mm (7.3" x 4.4" x 8.5")
Weight :.9 kg ( 2 lbs.)
Related Input Power:24 W
Warranty:1 Year
  • Space-saving design allows the unit to easily fit on most workstations
  • Absorbs lead-free flux fumes and fumes from soldering
  • Dual positions allow you to use the unit in the vertical position (standing up) or the horizontal position (laying down)
  • Horizontal position (laying down) air flow and effectiveness is increased
  • Quiet operation
  • ESD-complaint
  • Fast and easy filter replacement
  • Activated carbon filter included
  • MSA-35L-23 Smoke Absorber Unit (10)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (10)
  • Introduction Guide (10)

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