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HP, Soldering, Cartridge UF Version for UFTC Cartridges
$ 205.00

Standard Lead Time:10 days

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Ultrafine cartridge hand-piece for use with the MX-500, MX-5000 and MX-5200 Systems
Hand-Piece Cable Length:183 cm (72”), burn proof, ESD-safe
Hand-Piece Style:Long Reach, non aluminium pen
Hand-Piece - RF Connector:F-type power connector
  • Designed for very fine soldering on mini and micro components
  • Slim handle and cool-to-the-touch feel
  • Cartridge Removal Pad included
  • Compatible with UFTC UltraFine cartridges
  • Compatible with MX-W1AV TipSaver workstand
  • Hand-Piece Cable Length: 178cm/70"
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