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40-Watt Connection Validation™ (CV) Power Supply
$ 623.00

Standard Lead Time:10 days

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Metcal innovation has led the industry for decades, beginning with SmartHeat® technology that senses the thermal load and instantly delivers power on demand to the solder joint. The embedded self-regulating heater delivers the right amount of power based on the requirements of the solder joint. This provides a fast, safe, and repeatable process with no calibration required. The intermetallic compound thickness is critical in the formation of a solder joint.

Connection Validation™ (CV) evaluates the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and provides closed-loop feedback to the operator. CV provides feedback to the operator via the LED light ring integrated into the hand-piece. It takes the risk associated with the variables involved in the soldering activity and removes the success and failure determination of a good solder joint out of the hands of the operator. CV complements the skill of the operator to judge the quality of a solder joint by introducing an objective method of evaluating solder joint quality. This systemic and objective approach provides repeatability and a measurable standard for the soldering process.
Input Line Voltage:100 - 240 VAC, grounded circuit, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption:85 W max.
Output Power:Variable, 40 W max.*
Output Frequency:13.56 MHz
Heating Method:Induction, SmartHeat®
Display:2.8” Color TFT Touch Display
Display Resolution:320*240 RGB
Display Size:2.8” Diagonal
Display Active Area:43.20 x 57.60 mm
Connections:Dual Port, switchable
Interface -Communication/Firmware Upgrade:Via USB port and appropriate software with compatible computer and cables.
Power Supply Dim. W x D x H:121 x 121 x 220 mm (4.8" x 4.8" x 8.7")
Power Supply Weight:2.65 kg (5.8 lb)
Certification / Marking:cTUVus, CE
Tip-to- Ground Potential:< 2 mV
Tip-to-Ground Resistance:< 2 Ohm
Ground Detection:Permanent
Surface Resistivity:105 - 109 Ohm
Idle Temperature Stability:1.1 °C ( 2 °F) in still air
Tip Temperature Accuracy:Meets or exceeds IPC J-STD-001 Standard
Power Cord Length:183 cm, 18/3 SJT
Warranty:5 years
Ambient Operating Temp:10 - 40 °C (50 - 104 °F)
Max. Enclosure Temp:55 °C (131 °F)
  • SmartHeat® Power-on-Demand Technology
  • Patented Connection Validation™ IMC Formation Technology
  • 2.8” color touchscreen with bold graphics
  • Communications Port for process traceability data and firmware upgrades
  • Precise tip temperature display
  • Integrated Net Power Meter and Power graph
  • Patented Chip-in-Cartridge technology
  • Closed loop bi-directional communication
  • Stores and records cartridge attributes
  • Provides traceability information
  • Protects power supply from non-conforming cartridges
  • Backwards compatible with MX Series power supplies
  • Password protection
  • CV-PS500 Power Supply
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