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120 Watt GT Soldering Station and Power Adapter
$ 369.00

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This SKU is only for the GT120 Power station and adapter.

GT120 Soldering System is an adjustable temperature station that uses inductive technology as the heating mechanism. The complete system includes a soldering station with an external Power supply, a hand-piece, and a workstand to support a variety of soldering and rework applications using the associated tips and Cartridges.

The GT adjustable temperature technology has a fast and repeatable heating mechanism and encompasses the convenience of temperature adjustment with the stability and performance of inductive heating. This gives the GT systems a significant performance advantage with much faster time to temperature, thermal recovery and temperature stability during soldering versus competitors in the same product category.

GT120 is a single port soldering station with best in class performance, 120 watts of Power, and ideal for single iron applications on the production line. The GT120 is supplied with a replaceable 120W external Power supply allowing for a more compact design to save space on the bench and improve the quality and life of the system.
Input Line Voltage100 – 240 VAC, grounded circuit
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Output:120 W max.
Output Line Frequency:465 kHz
Heating MethodInductive Heating
Display2.8” Monochrome LCD Display
Controls4 tactile buttons
OperationSingle Port
Tip-to-Ground Potential< 2 mV
Tip-to-Ground Resistance< 2 Ohm
Ground DetectionPermanent
Surface Resistivity105 Ω - 109 Ω, ESD-save
Idle Temperature Stability± 1.1 °C in still air
Tip Temperature AccuracyMeets or Exceeds IPC J-STD-001
Communications1 x USB A connector
Warranty2 years
Dimensions (w x d x h): 110 x 125 x 160 mm (4.3” x 4.9” x 6.1”)
Weight: 1.68 kg (3.7 lb.)
Certification:CE, TUV
Ambient Operating Temperature10 to 40 °C
Maximum Enclosure Temperature55 °C
GT-HP-T6C HandpieceGT-HP-T6C Handpiece:
Hand-Piece Connector:8-pin circular DIN
Hand-piece: 1.5 m length, burn proof, ESD-safe
  • Inductive heating systems offering best in class performance
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Intuitive 4 button user interface
  • Wide variety of Cartridge and tip options
  • Compact to minimize the workbench footprint
  • Programmable password lock-out and temperature range limits
  • Standby and sleep settings to increase tip life
  • USB port to power accessories and firmware updates
  • GT120 Power Station with Adapter
  • GT-HP-T6C Hand-Piece
  • GT-HC-T6 Heater Cartridge
  • GT-WS Work Stand

    Note: Tips sold separately
Cartridges and Tips compatible with This Product

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